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Welcome to RKO Electric !!

Top Quality and 100% Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority !!

*** UPDATE *** RKO Electric is now accepting applications for upcoming work ! Are you an experienced Maine licensed electrician who takes pride in a job well done..? If so, we'd like to talk with you about joining our electrical team ! Please give us a call at (207)-945-5536....or leave us a message - we WILL get back to you !! Or, send a letter of application/resume to:


---CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE --- RKO ELECTRIC will soon be offering EXPANDED services for ALL our customers well into the Millennium with the latest technology, quality wiring and services !! (Target date: Late-November 2003) Check back often for more details....we plan to grow FAST !!

For reliable and top quality Electrical Work - GO RKO !!
THE choice for all your Residential,Commercial and Light Industrial Electrical Work!!

Electrical Questions..? Ask a top ranked electrical expert at Allexperts.com,(Master Bob) CLICK HERE Allexperts.com


[] Free Estimates provided !
[] Over 27+ years experience !
[] Complete Electrical Systems !
[] Troubleshoot and Repair Work !
[] Prompt, Professional Service !
[] Latest in "Smart" Home wiring !
[] 24 hour Emergency Service Calls !
[] Contract/Sub-Contract/Hourly Rates !
[] Home/Business Networking - Cat5/5e/6 !
[] Blue Print Work/System Design and Layout !
[] Fire and Security Alarm System Installation !
[] New Wiring or Service Upgrades (big or small)!
[] Senior Citizen, Schools/Churchs 10% Discounts !!!
AND SO MUCH, MUCH MORE - Give RKO Electric a CALL Today!
Please - Compare Prices ..you'll find our value unbeatable !

Leave a message with RKO Electric at: (207)-945-5536

Fax RKO Electric at: (775)-255-1843

Cellular: (207) 461-0669

SEND BUSINESS E-MAIL TO: RKOElectric@verizon.net
SEND PERSONAL E-MAILS TO: ozzy76@verizon.net


OR...Snail-Mail us at: RKO ELECTRIC, P.O.BOX 1171, BANGOR, ME 04402

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